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Aromatherapy and the Electric Oil Burner

Finally, you’ve decided that you are an aromatherapy nut and you would like to be surrounded by the aroma of essential oils in every setting throughout the day. Here is all you need to know about how to choose the best (essential) electric oil burner.

It’s Important to Know the Difference between Different Types of Burner

There are several kinds of essential oil burners or diffuser out there and each uses a different method of getting the aroma of essential oils to the surrounding area. The two major differences are how each burner diffuses the essential oil and what it uses as a source of heat.

In terms of how a diffuser spreads the aroma, some use steam passed over the essential oils to distribute the aroma – this is called a nebuliser – and the oil burners that heat the essential oils to spread the aroma naturally.

When it comes to heating the essential oils to disperse the aroma, different burners use different ways to heat the oil. Aside from using the room temperature (as in reed diffusers), there are essentially two types of heaters, one uses a tealight candle to heat the oil and the other is an electric oil burner which uses electricity to heat the oil.

It really depends on which method is the most convenient for you.

Benefits of an Electric Oil Burner

Electric oil burners are easy to clean and maintain and very easy to operate. An electric oil burner most often uses an electric bulb to subtly heat the oil to spread its aroma. This type of electric oil burner not only does the job of warming the essential oil but it can also provide great mood lighting to the space where it is situated.

While some heat diffusers use high levels of heat, an electric oil burner only uses very low levels to produce a more subtle aroma. .

Another major advantage of using an electric oil burner is that there are times, especially in public places and bedrooms, when a tea light burner may not be ideal if you consider the safety issues that come with a burning flame. Using an electric burner is an ideal way to do away with such concerns.

There are also places where it’s probably impossible to use a regular oil burner – in the car, for example. A specially designed car diffuser is available to provide the benefits of aromatherapy in a car, motorhome or other vehicle fitted with a lighter socket.

You could even use an electric oil burner for short periods in places without electricity, like a tent! Rechargeable and battery operated models are available.

The main purpose of an electric oil burner or diffuser is to dispense a therapeutic aromatherapy treatment to a number of people at the same time. It is a fantastic way to provide the uplifting, relaxing or energising effects of the essential oils you chose.

Another fact to consider when using an electric oil burner is that spreading essential oil fragrance in individual rooms or the whole house can lower the count of airborne pathogens. A natural and ingenious way to reduce the risk of infections, particularly in public spaces!

Diffusing essential oil aroma provides a peaceful and uplifting atmosphere in the room where you use the burner. Most important is the quality of the essential oils or essential oil blend that you use, more than the method of burning and spreading their wonderful properties. is a trusted source of all things related to aromatherapy. From organically produced essential oils and oil blends to various type of oil burners and diffusers, including a variety of electric oil burners.