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Sedona Combo Dehydrator

Why Sedona Combo Dehydrator Has Become an Essential Tool for a Raw Food Kitchen

 Efficient and feature-rich dehydrators such the Sedona Combo are essential tools used by raw food enthusiasts to keep their diets varied and exciting. Dehydrators are devices that extract the water from the produce to create crisps, chips and crackers, and the Sedona Combo adds great technical features to make usage even more varied and versatile, with end products being tastier, healthier and can be stored longer than ever.

The General Features That Make The Sedona Combo So Special

The Sedona Combo provides not only enhanced efficiency and convenience, but it also comes with energy-efficient features that will bring health into your kitchen without dramatically hiking your electricity bills. The unit has been designed to fit into any kitchen – it measures only 17 x 17 x 14 inches, making it suitable for any counter, and its black body fits any kitchen design. It weighs 28 pounds, so you can easily move it when it is not in use.

The Sedona Combo comes with other great features that make it indispensable in any raw kitchen:

  • It is equipped with easy to use digital controls for best results;
  • Its temperature range is between 85 and 155 degrees Fahrenheit, with temperature adjustment options in 10-degree increments – just perfect to keep your food raw, but sufficiently processed (anything processed at temperatures higher than 185 degrees is excluded from the raw food category, but is perfect for dehydrating proteins);
  • All the parts of the machine are BPA-free and completely safe when they come into contact with food;
  • The large glass window and the internal LED lights give you perfect control over the dehydration process;
  • The special technology used during operation will optimize the process and leave all the precious enzymes and other nutrients in your fruits and veggies – no matter how crisp they become, they will retain their high nutrient value.

More Qualities That You Get with this Feature-Rich Machine

The list of great features can go on and on:

  • The machine is equipped with two fans, 300 watts each, that you can operate either separately or combined with the help of Sedona’s special Dual-Fan Technology;
  • It also comes with a Two-Stage Sequential Temperature Timer, a unit that makes it possible to start the dehydration at higher temperatures and then reduce the heat to your set temperature, thus kick-starting the dehydration process;
  • The unit is also very easy to clean – the debris mat it includes will hold up any piece that falls off the fruits or veggies inside.

The Sedona Combo is durable and resistant, too – it looks sleek but sturdy, it feels right and it comes with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer, too.

Whether you are a newcomer to preparing your own raw food or you are an experienced raw cook, the Sedona Combo Dehydrator will certainly become a staple in your kitchen. Slice your fruits and veggies to suitably sized pieces, place the pieces on the trays, then turn on the machine – you are soon in for a healthy, tasty treat.


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